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EOI & State Sponsorship

Your application for Australia PR goes through..

Remaining Relative Visa

The Remaining Relative Visa is for people whose only family live.

Head Start GSM

Australia immigration process, as most say, is not cumbersome.

Qualification Assessment

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category allows all foreigners.

Skill Assessment

Australia Skill Assessment determines your qualification to apply for a Point

Visa Processing DIBP

Following an invitation to apply for a visa, an application has to be submitted

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Investor Visa

Our technical Evaluation report is a graphical Illustration of the country opted by you. It confirms you're Eligibility parameters, brief country profile,

Startup Enterprise visa

The Investment Visa or Business Visa is aimed at people with a demonstrated successful business background and with a genuine intent to own a business overseas.

Study Overseas

Why is education valuable? Because it can help you create a better lifestyle and you can enjoy higher pay, more flexible hours, and a more satisfying career.

Immigrants in Australia

Rules may change. Immigration rules are volatile and governments are always debating whether to close the door or whom to close the door on. Don't take the rules for granted.

Investor Visa

Invest and settle in New Zealand. Call our IAA Licensed Immigration Adviser or submit Visa Enquiry Form if you wish to apply

Startup Enterprise visa

Contact us if you have business experience and wish to purchase, establish or invest in business in New Zealand. Call our IAA Licensed Immigration

Study Overseas

New Zealand and Australia are popular education destinations as they provide high quality, affordable, world class qualification in wide range

Immigrants in NZ

We provide comprehensive service for immigration to New Zealand and Australia under all categories - skilled migration

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Top Ways that Immigration Consultants Can Help You Get to Australia

If you are interested in immigrating to Australia, you have an option that can help raise your chances significantly.

  • Migration Specialist is a truly professional company, gave us the correct information, guidance and above all they stand apart from all the usual consultants.


  • The process consultant at Migration Specialist are truly specialist in every respect. He helped in submission of documents, skill assessment, communication & followup. I will surely refer them to my friends.